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Pulse Jet Engine

Originally, this was intended to be a weekend project, I spent an hour or two making a very small (60mm) copper pulse jet. As expected, it didn't work as it was far too small in proportion to the fuel I was using (butane) and was therefore the equivalent of trying to run a lighter on diesel. At this point I could give up or make a bigger one, I find it difficult to give up so I made a bigger jet (700mm). Constructed from a variety of steal and stainless steel tubes that were going spare; the finished jet engine is shown bellow. An explanation of how a pulse jet works can be found here, the only difference is that mine is a valveless engine and therefore has a small inlet tube instead of a valve. at the moment mine will only run while there is air being feed into it with a compressor, however with some adjusting I should be able to make it self sustaining. Here are some pictures and a video of it running, by the way it is a lot louder than in the video but the noise was irritating so I have turned it down.

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